A Python implementation of Fleck and Cummings's implicit Monte Carlo (IMC) scheme, as published in Journal of Computational Physics (JCP) in 1971.
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Python and Fortran implementations of Fleck and Cummings's implicit Monte Carlo (IMC) scheme, published in Journal of Computational Physics (JCP) in 1971.

Build status (`main`)

For each implementation, the results from the published paper (Fleck and Cummings 1971) are reproduced via a set of predefined runs included in the repository.


Python implementation

  • Python 3
  • Numpy

Fortran implementation

  • GFortran

Bundled calculations

  • Matplotlib
  • Jupyter


  • Doxygen
  • Graphviz
  • Doxypypy
  • LaTeX
  • ghp-import

The local py_filter script must be on the $PATH.


To create a Conda env with the necessary dependencies:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate fcimc

Add py_filter to the $PATH:

export PATH=".:${PATH}"



To build and run everything from scratch, run the top-level script:

./runall clobber # Removes latest graphs

To see the aggregated output:

jupyter notebook verification.ipynb

To open the documentation:

open docs/html/index.html


To clean up intermediate build files etc.:

./runall clean

and to clean out everything (output files, executables, etc.) for a clean start:

./runall clobber

Fine control

Each part of the project has its own Makefile which can be invoked directly:


to either clean up one part, e.g.:

make -C fortran/src clean
make -C docs clobber

or build/execute, e.g.:

make -C python/calcs -j 4 all

Building the documentation is a special case:

PATH="$PWD/docs:$PATH" make -C docs html

which makes the py_filter command available.

GitHub Pages

The html docs produced by Doxygen can be uploaded to GitHub Pages with:

make -C docs github

(This step is not run by runall.) This uses ghp-import to commit the built documentation to a branch called gh-pages, and push this to GitHub. If the GitHub repository is configured correctly then the gh-pages branch will be rendered as a static site at https://<user>.github.io/fcimc.


Run the Jupyer notebook to plot the results:

jupyter notebook verification.ipynb

Verification against the original Fleck and Cummings (1971) results (shown on the left) of both a Fortran (middle) and a Python (right) implementation of the IMC scheme described therein.